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11059PUMPDROPJOG: PUMP! Drop-Kick Jogger

PUMP! Drop-Kick Jogger

PUMP! Drop-Kick JoggerPUMP! Drop-Kick JoggerPUMP! Drop-Kick Jogger


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29.50 EUR 24.00

Hit them with your best shot! Providing maximum comfort, support, and practicality, the PUMP! Drop-Kick Jogger is crafted with a full cotton body, built-in micromesh pockets, athletic leg elastics, and a flexible waistband. Its vivid white and black color palette emanates an effortlessly sleek and smooth aesthetic that is both masculine and sporty - so, just fire away!

S 71-76cm / 28-30"
M 77-81 cm / 30.5 - 32"
L 82-86cm / 32.5 - 34"
XL 87-91cm / 34.5 - 36"